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Invest in Saviu

Most of the investors in Saviu funds are entrepreneurs, family offices, or finance professionals, based in Europe or Africa, all convinced that the digital economy in Africa is booming and offers attractive opportunities for financial return.
Our investors also gain access to:
  • Co-investment opportunities in tech African deals. Saviu is not only an investment fund, but a real source of dealflow for our investors. We regularly share with our community of investors equity and debt opportunities with our portfolio companies, creating bonds and shared values between our talented entrepreneurs, and successful investors.
  • Investing in Saviu is an opportunity to connect with the next generation of African tech entrepreneurs. We are proud to regularly connect our talented entrepreneurs with our investors, through physical events, online workshops, and webinars. Some of our investors have become mentors, board members or even part-time employees within our portfolio companies, all now part of the Saviu ecosystem and family.
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